Distro reviews: Slackware

Slackware, an unusual name for anyone who isn’t familiar with the Linux ecosystem. As far as history goes, Slackware is one of the oldest Linux distributions still around. Some of the others are SoftLanding Linux(Slackware has it’s roots in that distribution) and Yggdrasil. In any case, that’s not what we’re reviewing today. I’m not the… Continue reading Distro reviews: Slackware

Distro reviews: NixOS

What is NixOS? Nix is a functional package manager and it also has an operating system built around it, called NixOS. Together it makes for quite a powerful combo. I have been using NixOS now for many years, and I do find it to generally be usable and rock solid, despite it’s many quirks. I… Continue reading Distro reviews: NixOS