Lagrange Point

Month: June 2022

  • Operating System Reviews

    Basically, this post is my assessment of some of the current operating systems I’ve used or am using. Let’s get to it! Guix: What I am currently using. Things can break but that is really rare. So far good experiences overall. NixOS: Also very good, recently got a new installer that makes it a cinch…

  • Interesting Links for 6-15-22

    The Miyoo Mini – A retro handheld you might want to look into if you couldn’t get the Analogue Pocket! The CRPG Addict – Great blog about old computer RPGs like Ultima! DragonflyBSD Digest – Great blog about various computer operating systems and misc things. More links to come!

  • Book readings

    This month I am reading “Seveneyes” by Neal Stephenson. It’s a sci-fi book about the moon exploding. Sound cool? Yeah, the premise really is great… but currently I stopped reading it when the author started glossing about social media. Like, I already know social media isn’t so great, can we get back to the cool…