Lagrange Point

Operating System Reviews

Basically, this post is my assessment of some of the current operating systems I’ve used or am using. Let’s get to it!

Guix: What I am currently using. Things can break but that is really rare. So far good experiences overall.

NixOS: Also very good, recently got a new installer that makes it a cinch to install. I think the installer needs options for BTRFS and ZFS, though.

Armbian: Using it on my Pinebook Pro. Came with virtually everything I needed though, but I might still consider installing either the Nix or Guix package manager on it.

FreeBSD: Never had any problems with it unless I tried to upgrade it. Kinda confusing(For me) upgrade process, but I’d like to learn where I went wrong the last time I tried it.

OpenBSD: Pretty good, super lightweight and simple to install and upgrade. Also I prefer doas over sudo, OpenBSD’s web server and the pf firewall.

Manjaro: Not too bad, but had various problems with it on the Pinebook Pro. Excellent installer though.

EasyOS: Not bad, but being root all the time? I still don’t get that. Besides being a security nightmare, it messes up so many other things too.

MX Linux: Great stuff, breathed new life into my old laptop.

Fedora: Good stuff! Very easy to administer. Fedora Kinoite/Silverblue is amazing.

OpenSuSE Tumbleweed: Never had any issues, and the BTRFS integration is top notch! Also tried MicroOS GNOME version, and it was awesome.

Nowadays I prefer using systems like NixOS or Guix, because when things break in operating systems(And they will), I want the ability to rollback to a non-breakable state instead of having to reinstall. Those distros provide that in a systematic fashion, from the bottom to the top.