Lagrange Point

Decision and option paralysis

Hi all,

I think that I have decision and option paralysis. That is to say, I can’t seem to stick with just one thing. I have too many things to keep track of, to update, to read, to write, to play etc.

So I’ve decided to cut back on some things – I also run the following servers besides just this one. A new protocol, called Nex. I created a service for that. It runs great, but I have to create content for that. Then I also have a Gopher service, and a Gemini service and finally, a Spartan service. I have all these things that need content, or so I feel that they do. In reality most people will probably only visit this site and the content on my Gemini site as well. The other protocols, while valuable, aren’t as popular today. I would love for them to be more popular, however. Regardless, I want to make content for others, and I can’t if I have to deal with so many methods of doing so. Ideally I would just want one way of doing so. In effect I will however, because the content that goes on my Gemini site will also go on my WordPress, and in the future, a Writefreely site.

Perhaps I will host those other services on another website or home self-host them, who knows. For now, I’m bringing them down.