Lagrange Point

Quitting the Small Web

You’re probably asking “Why quit the small web?”. Well, the reason is simple, I do find the small web wonderful, and I will continue to peruse other’s small web sites, primarily the Gopher and Gemini ones, but I find the act of keeping up a small web site to be huge time sink, and one that I don’t care for.

I want to continue supporting those who run them though, and I will happily email people who put up their email addresses on their Gemini, Gopher, Spartan, Nex etc sites.

I want to focus this site on more ephemeral things, like running an IRC server perhaps, or a game server like Xonotic, Minetest, or something of that nature, and perhaps shifting how this site is run from WordPress to Writefreely.

In any case, as of now, all the small web services are down from this site. I love the small web’s emphasis on text primarily, and I want to make any future sites akin to it.