Lagrange Point

The Mother of All NixOS Posts

This post will cover all the documentation I can find about NixOS, and will be continuously edited when I get the time. Primarily, the intent will about _doing things_ with NixOS and _understanding_ them; thus, various points in the post will link to various others.

Thanks and enjoy!


Awesome Nix

Has a great coverage of everything Nix and NixOS.

Awesome Immutable

Great list of every immutable distribution. Is more orientated toward Fedora Kinoite/Silverblue tho.

Blog Links:

Erase Your Darlings

This covers how to reset your system to a new state on each boot. Really interesting!

Encrypted ZFS mirror with mirrored boot on NixOS

This covers how to encrypt your NixOS ZFS mirror and mirror the booting so if one drive fails, you can seamlessly boot into the other drive. I personally use this on my laptop! Note: It uses Grub instead of Systemd-boot, and as far as I’m aware, systemd-boot doesn’t support mirrored booting _yet_.

How to make your website available over I2P Eepsite on NixOS

How to make a i2pd Eepsite on NixOS. I’ll look for links and instructions how to also make Tor and Yggdrasil related things on NixOS as well.

Lobsters Nix tag search

You can find tons of great articles in this tag.

GitHub/Git Links

MicroVMs on NixOS

MicroVMs are bigger than containers, yet smaller than full blown VMs(Like with VMs created using Boxes or Qemu). Lots of fun to experiment with these!