Lagrange Point

NixOS and bcachefs

So kernel 6.7 is out soon, and I am personally looking forward to trying out bcachefs. The thing is, I think I should try it out in a virtual machine first…. seeing as it’s an experimental filesystem.

I have a lot of experience with ZFS, but I am still learning new things about how to use it(ZFS), but I hear that bcachefs is more in-line with BTRFS in terms of ease of use.

I hang out in the bcachefs channel on OFTC on IRC just to see how it’s progressing, and so far everything seems pretty good, but I know there will probably be hiccups and stuff for a while.

I imagine that no distro will use bcachefs as their default filesystem until they absolutely get all the bugs ironed out and until it can compare feature-wise with the likes of BTRFS and ZFS.

I am looking forward to using bcachefs’s encryption scheme, and hopefully someone will come up with a script to make periodic snapshots of the home partition(That works with NixOS).

Anyways, that’s all for this post!