Lagrange Point

  • Distro reviews: Slackware

    Slackware, an unusual name for anyone who isn’t familiar with the Linux ecosystem. As far as history goes, Slackware is one of the oldest Linux distributions still around. Some of the others are SoftLanding Linux(Slackware has it’s roots in that distribution) and Yggdrasil. In any case, that’s not what we’re reviewing today. I’m not the…

  • Distro reviews: NixOS

    What is NixOS? Nix is a functional package manager and it also has an operating system built around it, called NixOS. Together it makes for quite a powerful combo. I have been using NixOS now for many years, and I do find it to generally be usable and rock solid, despite it’s many quirks. I…

  • Lagrange Point community

    I am going to be starting up the community server soon, and will take sign ups after I get the IRC server up and running. Everything, like Tilde Town, will be internal only. This is to increase security and trust. Hope to see you there!

  • Small Net update

    Will be powering down the Gopher and Spartan servers. Those protocols don’t see much use here, and I need to concentrate on creating more content for Gemini and the Web.

  • Small Net

    If you didn’t already know, you can also visit a different side of this site on the small internet. What does the small internet consist of? The following protocols and more: Gemini Gopher Spartan You can reach the sites by using a browser like Lagrange or Kristall and going to either gemini://, gopher:// or spartan://…

  • Operating System Reviews

    Basically, this post is my assessment of some of the current operating systems I’ve used or am using. Let’s get to it! Guix: What I am currently using. Things can break but that is really rare. So far good experiences overall. NixOS: Also very good, recently got a new installer that makes it a cinch…

  • Interesting Links for 6-15-22

    The Miyoo Mini – A retro handheld you might want to look into if you couldn’t get the Analogue Pocket! The CRPG Addict – Great blog about old computer RPGs like Ultima! DragonflyBSD Digest – Great blog about various computer operating systems and misc things. More links to come!

  • Book readings

    This month I am reading “Seveneyes” by Neal Stephenson. It’s a sci-fi book about the moon exploding. Sound cool? Yeah, the premise really is great… but currently I stopped reading it when the author started glossing about social media. Like, I already know social media isn’t so great, can we get back to the cool…

  • Grand opening of Lagrange!

    Welcome to the new site!